What Do You Have?

Dr. Jim Dunn our Dream Team Coach shares with us from 2 Kings 4:1-7. This story of the Widow’s oil and¬†prophet Elisha is one of great significance. Sometimes in life we look at what we have and think, this isn’t anything that can really make a difference. We discredit what God has given us or think what we have is for a different purpose than what God intends. This was the case with the Widow. Her husband has just passed away and she was facing some insurmountable financial crisis. She was up a creek without a paddle to say the least. She reached out to Elisha and said I need some help. My creditors are coming to payment and the only option that I have is for my sons to go and work for them to pay off my balance. Elisha has an interesting response. He asks her, “What do you have in your house?” She responds by telling Elisha only a little olive oil which was going to be used for either her husband or her when she passes away. Elisha tells her to go and gather with her sons as many empty jars as they could find and then go into her house with just her sons and begin to fill up the empty jars. As the Widow began to pour she filled all of the empty jars with the little bit of olive oil that she had in her home. She went and sold the oil and was able not only to pay off her debts but also to have enough too live off of for the rest of her life. An incredible miracle for someone who was obedient to do something radical and to trust in the Lord.

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