Week 1: Community Response

I got to thinking that rather than having everyone respond to the multiple “intro to the reading” posts this week, I’d put up a special post that emphasizes all our responses.  Making it easier to comment and respond, and find.  The rest of the weeks from now on will only have one post, making it easy to see the schedule, read the commentary, and respond.

If you don’t know where to start the reading for the first week, here’s the first post of the week that gets it all started.

It’s important that you add a thought or two to these weekly Scripture, so we know who else is reading and what ideas or challenges come to mind. There’s a tendency to be passive in church, to think that we don’t have a contribution, or to put so much pressure to be correct or profound, or whatever. Get over that! It’s very freeing to say what comes to mind, and you know what, that’s exactly what those in the Bible do.  God invites our response, wherever we’re at, whatever we bring.

What were your thoughts on our first week’s readings? We started off the Old and the New Testaments?  Any questions (and if you do, I’ll try to find answers), or thoughts, or image/art, come to mind?  Even if you don’t want to write too much, share that you’ve jumped in.

It can feel lonely, and reading/hearing the Bible was never meant to be an isolated experience.  Share and enjoy!