Ever’day I’m Hustlin’ | Tuesday – Part 2

Pastor Chris continues in our “Ever’day I’m Hustlin’ series with Part 2, Tuesday. Paul in his second letter to the Corinthians talks about the followers of carrying with them an aroma. A sweet smelling, life giving, aroma of Christ. This was just the same aroma that the victorious armies would spread as they burned incense in their videotex parade through the city after defeating their foes. This would become a great memory for all who lived in the city. The power of smell is incredible. One of the greatest senses that we have as humans. It can take us back to great memories like a Christmas time with friends and family. But also to times of anxiety, stress or pain. This is true for us as Christians. We can either attract people to Christ with a pleasant aroma or we can turn people away with a bad smell. Have you ever stopped to think that perhaps you are being watched? You probably give it no second thought as your go about the business of your life. But the truth is there are broken, hurting people all around us, people who have been caught up in patters that result in sadness, pain, and death in all its forms. As we take our everyday ordinary lives and offer them back to God, we have the privilege to partner with God in the work of the renewal and the opportunity to see some of the dislocated and broken pieces of the universe be restored in Christ.  What kind of aroma spills forth from our lives? Is it fragrance one that is life-giving and causes other to flourish and thrive? What would it look like if you took the lid off your life? Imagine what might happen if you stopped playing it safe, forgoing convenience and comfort to take up a risky and dangerous life of worship? How can you begin to let the aroma of your life in Christ rise up in the places where you life, learn, work serve, and play? May it be the fragrance of life to the world God so loves.


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