Summer of Psalms | Part 4

Pastor Chris cracks open the 4th book of Psalms in chapter 101. This psalm written by King David comes near the end of his kingship and rule of Israel. He is proclaiming guidelines for himself as well as the kind of person that he desires to become. This comes will all of his experiences, wisdom and insight from his years of leadership over the Israelite people. And just like in our own culture, the standard is set by the leadership of the people and country. People are looking to King David for how to live their lives and what the standard should be for them. Just like the Israelites were looking to their king, people are looking at us. What are we teaching those around us about God, our relationship with Him and about the church? David proclaims this is how I am going to conduct myself, my family, my leading, by everything. In 3 parts he breaks down what he as king will do, what we won’t do, and how he is going to make this happen. Listening and learn as Pastor Chris breaks down King David’s commitment to praise and integrity, 5 things that David is going to stay away from and the guardrails for keeping him on the right path toward God.¬†People are watching us, what are we teaching them? What do you need to remove in your life to be a better example of God to those around you? What do you need to add, spiritual guardrails, morning routine, to better give you the advantage to be that example?

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