Summer of Psalms | Part 1

Pastor Chris starts our new series called, Sumer of Psalms. For the rest of the summer we will be digging into a different chapter of Psalms and exploring this incredible and fascinating book. Combining over 150 prayers, praises and poems in 5 different books, the Psalms are a raw and at times very emotional account from a few different authors. Spanning over 1,000 years from Moses to King David and King Solomon, these chapters indulge some amazing insight into life. Starting in chapter 1, Pastor Chris shares this intro to the entire book and even the bible. There are two paths in life that we can choose and everyday we sit at a fork in the road. We can choose the path of Life that is God’s path or we can choose our own path that doesn’t lead us to the life that God wants for us. We can get so easily entangled in the wrong things that at first seem just so innocent. “Just this once. Only this time.” we try and convince ourselves. But the slippery slope into sin is as easy as the Psalmist explains as walking, standing, and then ultimately sitting. Christ would rather us walk in His life and to delight in His word, “to medicate,” as the Psalm says, “day and night.” Then we will be like, “tress planed by streams of water, bearing fruit and never withering.” This is the life that God wants for us. This is the life that He desires for each and everyone of us to experience. His life. True life!

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