Man-Up! | Part 1

Pastor Chris kicks off our new 3 part series leading up to Father’s day called, Man-Up! In this series we look at what the Bible has to say about Manhood, being a Husband and a Father. Why was man created? What was his original role in the garden? Genesis chapter 3 tells us that Adam or man, was created to work the garden, and subdue the earth. The majority of the earth was a wild, untamed, savage landscape. But the garden was perfect. God called Adam and man to basically turn the rest of the earth into what was the garden. But when Adam sinned, God, because of his sin, cursed Adam as well as the ground to wage war against Adam or man. So the very thing that Adam or man was created to do, to grow, to build, to cultivate, will because of sin, wage war against him. This is some heavy stuff. So what do we do about it? Pastor Chris shares from key scripture from 1 Corinthians on how to we as man step-up, nature, care, love, build, cultivate, and lead in today’s world.

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