Pastor Chris, on the weekend of America celebrating its independence and freedom, shares about the freedom that each and every one of us has in Christ. Going back to the second book of the bible, Exodus, we see when Gad calls Moses to go before Pharaoh to have him let the Israelite people go out of slavery. This is just one of the many times that God fights on behalf of the Israelite people for their freedom. But this wasn’t because this group of people were so amazing or had so much potential, but it was to show the glory of God. And God doesn’t just free them for the sake of freedom, rather He frees them, in order for them to have the freedom to worship Him. God is passionately committed to your freedom. God so desperately desires for you and I to find freedom. He wouldn’t stop from Pharaoh said no to Moses. He brought the plagues, miracles and even death in order for them to be set free. Jesus comes in the New Testament for the very same reason. To free the captives and bring rescue to those burdened and battered. But this freedom is not to just be kept for us to use as we see fit. We are freed to worship God and to love and serve others. Paul tells us that this freedom we have been given from Christ is not for our own sinful nature. True freedom leads us into a deeper relationship with Christ. But how do we know that we are using our freedom for serving others and not for serving ourself? Regrets. We will never have regrets when we follow the leading of God in our life and become His servant. #NoRegrets!

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