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Pastor Chris kicks off our new Christmas Advents Series called, Deck The Halls. Each and every year at the beginning of the holiday season it is fill with great hope and expectation. Possibilities of gifts, parties, fun, laughter, special memories to last for a lifetime and the ultimate goal of this year is going to be the best Christmas ever! Growing up when the decorations came out, I knew it was the official beginning of the Christmas season. Each and every item pulled out from dusty boxes had an incredible memory from years past. We have such great expectation of the coming Christmas.

But then we are quickly met with long lines, traffic, family, the dreaded in-laws, crowded malls and that perfect gift sold out. Hope of the best Christmas ever can almost immediately get squashed and we are left with disappointment and no hope. But how do we hold on to this hope and even share hope with others this Christmas?

There is a story that happens right before the traditional Christmas reading from the bible that is often overlooked. In Luke chapter 1 before the angel visits Mary, that same angel meets with Zechariah. He comes from a long line of Priests (pastors) and gets his call for duty to serve in the temple (church) to teach, serve, lead worship, and pray.

For over 400 years the priests have been just checking the box doing their worship and pastoral duties without hearing anything from God. 30 plus generations of priests have come and gone with just silence from God. But something special happens when Zechariah is in the Most Holy Place lighting incense in worship to God. So much so that He doesn’t even believe what He is told.

Zechariah had grown cynical in his old age and had lost all hope. He and all of the Israelite people had lost hope with God’s silence. But Zechariah’s wife, Elizabeth had not given up hope. She responded with great joy to an incredible answer to prayer.

Follow along as Pastor Chris shares with us some principles from the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth and hold on to our hope even when Christmas doesn’t play out like we had hoped.

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